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Accessories, Refrigerant Emission Collection Canisters, Filter Driers & Purge Guard
The Redi-Purge Filter Drier FD007

The FD 007 Filter Drier is designed to remove moisture and acid.

Redi Controls "One Pass" Filter Drier System

The One-Pass Filter-Drier System when properly maintained, will clean the refrigerant charge to near ARI-700 specifications on a single pass.

Redi Controls "Purge Guard" System

There are certain control malfunctions which can occur with any thermal type purge regardless of make or model, such as welded relay contacts, locked-up microprocessor, or a unit accidentally left in manual mode, which can cause the pump-out compressor to latch-up in a non-stop running condition. Under these conditions the purge unit's built-in "Excessive Purge Fault" safety cannot stop the pump-out compressor and can result in catastrophic loss of refrigerant. The purpose of the Purge Guard is to detect the above condition and terminate pump-out activity. Since the Purge Guard functions independently from the purge unit's microprocessor control it is able to terminate pump-out activity irrespective of the nature of the malfunction.

The Redi-Purge Refrigerant Emission Collection Canister

Proper application of a  Redi-Purge  high efficiency purge unit and a  Redi-Purge  canister will result in virtually zero refrigerant emissions.

Continuous Refrigerant Dehydrator Model CD-120

Model CD-120 is designed to rapidly dehydrate a chiller's refrigeration charge (flooded evaporator). Although the primary function of the Continuous Dehydrator is to dehydrate (remove moisture) from a refrigerant charge it also removes acids and particulates. The Continuous Refrigerant Dehydrator operates without the need of either a mechanical or eductor pump. Operation is accomplished via a patent pending process utilizing gravity, heat and pressure and operates whether the Chiller is operational or off.