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Accessories, Refrigerant Emission Collection Canisters, Filter Driers & Purge Guard
The Redi-Purge Filter Drier FD007

The FD 007 Filter Drier is designed to remove moisture and acid.

Redi Controls "One Pass" Filter Drier System

The One-Pass Filter-Drier System when properly maintained, will clean the refrigerant charge to near ARI-700 specifications on a single pass.

Continuous Refrigerant Dehydrator Model CD-120

Model CD-120 is designed to rapidly dehydrate a chiller's refrigeration charge (flooded evaporator). Although the primary function of the Continuous Dehydrator is to dehydrate (remove moisture) from a refrigerant charge it also removes acids and particulates. The Continuous Refrigerant Dehydrator operates without the need of either a mechanical or eductor pump. Operation is accomplished via a patent pending process utilizing gravity, heat and pressure and operates whether the Chiller is operational or off.