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Leak Test-- Chiller Pressurization equipment
PREVAC AquaPower

This unit is a permanently installed refrigerant pressure controlled system for idle R-11 & R-123 chillers that circulate heated water through the evaporator for: 

1. Pressure sealing a chiller during idle periods to prevent chiller downtime, prevent refrigerant contamination and acid damage, and eliminate hard start-ups and improve reliability. 

2. Push-button pressurization to enable service personnel to conform to EPA, ASHRAE, NEC & Local Building Codes when leak testing, perform minor repairs at 0.00psig to prevent refrigerant losses in compliance with EPA Clean Air Act, Improve response time for leak repairs to minimize downtime, and repair leaks fast to eliminate non-condensables, higher head pressures and wasted energy. 

3. Chiller over-pressurization warning and pressure reducing capability to notify operating personnel before rupture disc bursts and initiate corrective actions before the rupture disc bursts.

Quick Pressure Portable

This unit, with the -Never Burst Protection,- is a state of the art pressurizing system which provides unparalleled performance and safety in raising the water temperature inside the evaporator of a low pressure centrifugal chiller for the purpose of leak testing and performing minor repairs at zero in compliance with the EPA Clean Air Act.