Redi Controls "One Pass" Filter Drier System

If your Redi Controls Purge Unit (Models PRG-11/123-C, PRG-11/123-C2, & PRG-11/123-C3) does not already have the Dual In-Line One- Pass Filter Drier system installed, now is a good time to upgrade.

 Why the Redi Controls  One-Pass  Filter Drier System?

 In a typical refrigeration circuit the refrigerant continuously re-circulates through the filter-drier (standard core type). Therefore, even though the refrigerant is actually only passing through about an inch of core media it does so over and over again. On each pass the filter-drier has the opportunity to absorb a little more of the moisture and acids until the refrigerant is clean and dry.

However, this is not so in the case of the purge unit. The foul gas passing from the chiller to the purge unit has only one shot at removing moisture and acid as it passes through the filter-drier. A standard filter-drier cannot absorb all of the moisture and acids on a single pass through just an inch of core media.

The Redi Controls Dual In-Line  One-Pass  Filter Driers solves this problem by providing 35 column inches (dual in-line filter-drier arrangement) of specially blended desiccant. This extra long column of desiccant is able to clean and dehydrate the refrigerant on a single pass to very near ARI-700 Specifications.

 As long as the One-Pass Filter-Drier System is properly maintained, it will continue cleaning the refrigerant near to ARI-700 specifications on a single pass. On tight chiller's this may mean replacing the filter-drier set only once a year. On older, leaky chillers the drier set may need to be changed several times a year. However, in either case both the chiller and the purge unit will reap the benefit. Isn't this the reason for having a filter-drier in the first place?

 Therefore, the Dual In-line "One-Pass" Filter-Driers protects the purge tank, as well as clean the chiller's refrigerant. Whereas, installing a core type filter drier in the return liquid line leaving the purge only helps the chiller.


 *Installing the Dual One-Pass Filter Drier System on the inlet side of the purge tank helps protect the purge tank from corrosion and acid build-up.  *Helps prevent corrosion build-up on the purge tank heat transfer coils thereby maintaining proper thermal transfer for peak purge efficiency.  *Helps remove acid and moisture from the chiller's refrigerant.  *Low cost.  *Fast and easy to install and change-out.

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