Operational Overview
The Primary Function of the Redi Controls SavAll Refrigerant Containment System is to provide fully automatic emergency transfer of liquid refrigerant from the evaporator of a centrifugal chiller to a safe storage vessel for temporary containment in the event of an evaporator over-pressure condition.  Once the over-pressure condition subsides, or is restored to normal, the liquid refrigerant automatically returns to the evaporator.

 Because operation of the SavAll System is completely automatic, and does not require operator interaction to function, chiller down time and potential catastrophic loss of refrigerant, due to evaporator over-pressurization, are virtually eliminated.

Operation of the SavAll System is completely passive, relying solely upon pressure differential and gravity to function.  The system is totally non-electric, which means there are no electronic controls, sensors, motorized valves or pumps to fail.  Because the system is non-electric, it will continue to protect the chiller's refrigerant charge during periods of power outage.

 As a Secondary Function, the SavAll System serves as a permanent on-line refrigerant storage vessel for use during chiller servicing and repair.