Very High Pressure Refrigerant Recovery System Model RS-503/13-C3

Operational Overview

The Model RS-503/13-C3 microprocessor controlled very high pressure refrigerant recovery system is designed to recover a series of very high pressure refrigerants used in cascade refrigeration systems and environmental test chambers. The unit is ARI Certified and is the best solution for recovery of very high pressure refrigerants.

The RS-503/13-C3 recovery unit is a two-stage system. The first stage comprises a special oil-less piston refrigerant recovery compressor which draws refrigerant vapor (VAPOR ONLY) from the system under recovery and compresses it to a much higher pressure. The second stage utilizes a unique hydraulically powered FREE PISTON compression chamber which receives the high pressure vapor from the first stage and compresses it to a very high pressure into the recovery cylinder.

This arrangement allows the RS-503/13-C3 recovery unit to fill any standard DOT-3AA high pressure refrigerant cylinder to 80% of its specified storage capacity without the aid of additional equipment, such as large air compressor, auxiliary refrigerant chamber, dry ice bath etc.

The Model RS-503/13-C3 is compact, lightweight and designed to be portable.  The system is capable of recovering R-503, R-13, R-23,R-508B (SUVA-95) and other similar refrigerants.  Additional special features include simple operation, fully automatic, totally self contained, recovers into standard DOT-3AA cylinder, and is non-ambient temperature sensitive.  The Model RS-503/13-C3 is microprocessor controlled, can recover to 25 inches Hg, and operates on standard 120 VAC.  It is important to note that our system does not require an ice bath or pneumatic air to operate.  The Model RS-503/13-C3 is a complete independent operating unit designed to efficiently recover very high pressure refrigerants.

            Model RS-503/13-C3 Very High Pressure Refrigerant Recovery System.

    The Recovery Unit is be specifically designed to recovery the very high pressure refrigerants R-503, R-13, R-23 and R-508B (SUVA-95).

    The unit must be and is  ARI Certified (manufacturer certified to ARI as complying with certification sections of ARI Standard 740).

    The unit is totally self contained and portable (compact and lightweight).  Units DOES NOT REQUIRE pneumatic air, or ice baths to function.


    1.     Portable (compact, lightweight.
    2.     Microprocessor Controlled.
    3.     LCD Display
    4.     Fully Automatic
    5.     Totally Self Contained
    6.     Recovers directly into any size DOT-3AA Refrigerant Cylinder
    7.     Recovery Rate 0.3 lbs./min. (average)
    8.     Can Recover to 25 inches Hg
    9.     Non-Ambient Temperature Sensitive
    10.     Operates on 120 VAC
    11.     Unit Dimensions & Weight:
                A.    Height:            21 inches
                B.    Width:             13 inches
                C.    Depth:            21 inches
                D.    Net Weight:  110 lbs (approximately)
    12.   ARI Certified