Non-Condensables Purger MODEL HPP-4A-C3

For  INDOOR APPLICATIONS.     The Model HPP-4A-C3 High Pressure Refrigerant Purger automatically removes non-condensables from systems utilizing R-12, R-134a, R-22, R-502, R114 and other refrigerants with similar pressure ranges. The Model HPP-4A-C3 is engineered to assure the highest efficiency in preventing refrigerant from escaping to the atmosphere when removing non-condensables.

The Redi-Purge Model HPP-4A-C3 provides simple refrigerant line hook-up (refer to brochure for details). The unit is easy to install (no soldering, no welding, only  two 1/4 inch connections), refrigerant charge does not have to be pulled to install, unit operates independent of system operating status, automatic self adjusting microprocessor controller learns system's needs and operates only when necessary (saving both energy and wear on purge unit). Additional features and benefits include purge to operator interface display, fault diagnostics (drain fault and liquid refrigerant overflow protection), purge operation data logging and display, 1/3 HP self-contained (R-134a) refrigeration system and stainless steel purge chamber.

This Purger assists your system in operating at peak performance by eliminating non-condensables from the system.

Manuals & Documentation: