Portable Non-Condensables Service Purger MODEL PSP-LP-1B

Your Competitive Edge...
Chillers can quickly become air-logged due to sudden leaks or during servicing.  OEM Purgers, especially high efficiency systems, require hours of purging to bring  the chiller fully back on line.
When your customer demands that you get its air-logged chiller back on-line fast, Redi Control's Service Purge is the only tool available.
Redi Control's Service Purge is as efficient as most OEM high efficiency purges, but is much faster.  It will purge down a typical chiller in less than an hour.
The Service Purge has no refrigeration unit or purge tank to maintain, nor any complicated microprocessor controls. Its compact light-weight two-piece design makes it a breeze to transport and use.
The Service Purge can -save the day- and make you a hero to your customer.  It's an image building tool that will distinguish you from your competition.  When the chips are down a chiller owner will call the company it knows can get them back on-line fast.

You need every competitive edge possible to keep your customers calling you.

Efficient as a "High Efficiency" Purger and 10 times X faster.
Compact, Light weight, Easy transport & use. Only 32 Lbs. (not including purge cylinder).
Simple 1/4" Hose Hook-up.
Gets chiller back on-line Fast.
No complicated controls.
Field Serviceable.
Safe & Reliable.

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