The RuptureAlarm is designed to be used with a RuptureSeal backup relief valve.  The function of the RuptureAlarm is to alert the operator that an over-pressurization condition has occurred due to a burst rupture disk, or there is pressure build up between the RuptureSeal and the rupture disk due to leakage through a defective rupture disk.

The RuptureAlarm will activate when the preset (operator adjustable) pressure setting is exceeded providing a visual alarm to the operator.  The visual indication (a neon lamp) will remain latched ON until manually canceled, even if the pressure subsides.  The neon lamp remains activated to insure that the operator is made aware that an alarm event has occurred.
The RuptureAlarm also provides a set of SPDT contacts for remote alarm.

    RuptureAlarm RA 2-3                    
    RuptureAlarm RA 2-3 international