Model CD-120 Continuous Refrigerant Dehydrator


The Continuous Refrigerant Dehydrator is a passive device that can be attached to any AC/R refrigeration system with a flooded evaporator for the purpose of continuous cycle refrigerant charge dehydration. In the process acids, sludge and particulates are also removed.

The Continuous Refrigerant Dehydrator comprises a modified replaceable four core filter-dryer shell fitted with a spring less inlet ball check valve, 350 watt electric band heater, heater cycle timer, moisture indicating sight glass, 300 psi safety relief valve and the one quarter inch access valve.

The dryer shell inlet is connected to the evaporator's refrigerant charging valve, or other suitable valve having access to liquid refrigerant in the evaporator. The outlet of the drier shell is connected to a suitable valve or fitting on the evaporator above the liquid refrigerant level.

Moisture laden refrigerant is allowed to flow by gravity through the inlet check valve into the dryer shell for a pre-set timed interval. The refrigerant is continuously dehydrated and cleaned as it passes through the four special super high moisture capacity cores. These special high capacity cores have triple the moisture capacity of standard cores and are recommended for systems with excessive moisture.

At the end of the pre-set timed period the heater is energized for a second pre-set timed period. As the liquid refrigerant becomes heated sufficient vapor pressure is generated to push the now dehydrated and clean refrigerant from the dryer shell back into the evaporator.

At the end of the refrigerant transfer timed period the heater is de-energized allowing more wet refrigerant to flow by gravity into the dryer shell wherein the cycle repeats itself over and over non-stop around the clock whether the chiller is operating or not.

The Continuous Refrigerant Dehydrator is capable dehydrating approximately 4,200 pounds of wet refrigerant per week.

Refrigerant Line Hook-up
Requires only two 3/8 inch OD line connections between the refrigeration system and the Continuous Refrigerant Dehydrator unit.

Operation of the Continuous Refrigerant Dehydrator is cyclic and non-stop as long as power is applied. One complete dehydration cycle comprises a pre-set timed Fill cycle and a pre-set timed refrigerant transfer cycle. One complete cycle (combined refrigerant Fill and Return cycle) is approximately 30 minutes in duration.

During the Fill Cycle the 350 watt electric band heater is de-energized allowing pressure in the dehydrator to equalize through the energized (open) equalization solenoid valve to system pressure. During the Fill cycle approximately 12.5 pounds of moisture laden refrigerant flows by gravity through the four (4) Z-48 super high moisture capacity filter-drier cores and accumulates in Dehydrator shell and is dehydrated and cleaned in the process.

At the end of the pre-set timed Fill Cycle the 350 watt heater is energized and the equalization solenoid valve is de-energized (closed) for a second pre-set timed period. As heat energy is imparted to the liquid refrigerant, pressure within the dehydrator shell rises. At a pressure differential of about 3 psig between the dehydrator and the evaporator refrigerant is forced to flow from the dehydrator shell back into the evaporator.

At the conclusion of the timed refrigerant transfer period the dehydrator enters another Fill cycle wherein the process repeats itself.

It should be noted that the Continuous Refrigerant Dehydrator processes and dehydrates approximately 4,200 pounds of refrigerant per week. This is a lot of refrigerant. Therefore, if the refrigerant charge is excessively wet it won't take long for the filter-drier cores to become saturated, even high moisture capacity cores. Therefore, initially the cores may require frequent change-out to return the refrigerant charge to proper dry state.


1)     Drier (wet) refrigerant Fill Cycle: Non-adjustable 20 minute (approximate) pre-set cycle.

2)     Drier (dehydrated) Refrigerant Return Cycle: Non-adjustable 10 minute (approximate) pre-set cycle

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