The Redi-Purge Refrigerant Emission Collection Canister

For maximum efficiency, the Redi-Purge Emission Collection Canister may be installed in the purge discharge circuit of a REDI CONTROLS Redi-Purge High Efficiency Purge system.  The canister is charged with high activation granulated carbon which effectively traps any refrigerant discharged from the purgeProper application of a Redi-Purge high efficiency purge unit and a Redi-Purge canister will result in virtually zero refrigerant emissions.

The Redi-Purge Emission Collection Canister is compatible with all refrigerants.  When the activated carbon is saturated the canister must be disposed of per Federal Non-venting Guidelines.

 The Redi-Purge Emission Collection Canister should be replaced when accumulated Purge Pump-out Time equals 3000 minutes or after 3-years, whichever occurs first.  For a replacement canister, contact your service representative or call Redi Controls at (800) 626-8640 or (317) 865-4130